Combustion Turbine Engineer

Location: Charlotte, NC
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $135,000.00 - $160,000.00
Degree: Bachelor of Science;
Date: 2/23/2018
Job ID: 02573575
Job Description
Position Summary: 
Provide engineering support for the operation and maintenance of simple cycle and combined cycle combustion turbine (CT) power plants.  Provide technical guidance for CT maintenance programs, repair strategies and failure analysis.  Provide due diligence evaluations for prospective facility acquisitions including equipment condition, major maintenance cost forecasts, capacity and heat rate evaluation, long term service contract evaluations, identification of potential capacity and heat rate improvement opportunities, and provide performance/cost estimations for identified improvements.

Principal Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Operating Plant Support 
  1. Assist operating plants in troubleshooting CT operational and equipment performance issues. Help plants identify and understand the cause of performance reductions (i.e., reduced power output or increased heat rate) and recommend remedial options.
  2. Help operating plants identify and understand the causes of CT component defects.  Interpret borescope inspection and NDE test results.  Advise plants of any risks associated with continued operation with identified defects, which may include recommending the plant be immediately removed from service, continue to operate for an interim period, or take no action at all.
  3. Assist plants in developing CT maintenance strategies including specifying scope of work, optimizing maintenance intervals, sourcing of replacement parts, repair of parts removed from service and minimizing outage durations.
  4. Review inspection reports for CT parts removed from service and recommend repair/replacement strategies.
  5. Visit CT component repair and fabrication shops.  Evaluate shop capabilities and quality of work.  Recommend shops suitable for repair and fabrication services.
  6. Assist plants in sourcing CT repair services.  Assist in creating work scopes and specifications for repairs.  Provide technical review of CT repair proposals and participate in negotiations of contract terms and conditions.
  7. Evaluate CT upgrades available from manufacturers and aftermarket providers for compressors, combustion systems, turbine sections and controls.  Perform cost/benefit analysis and recommend upgrades as appropriate.
  8. Monitor the fleet of CTs to identify problems that impact start reliability, plant availability and plant performance.  Identify and assist plants in implementing corrective actions improve these parameters.
  9. When required for insurance purposes or other reasons, prepare reports documenting root cause for CT failures, corrective actions taken and impact to plant operations.
  10. Act as a focal point for best practice sharing of turbine maintenance and operation. 
  11. Assist General Managers in developing planned outage work scopes. Provide General Managers and Company Field Services assistance as necessary to minimize forced outage durations.
  12. Review and critique all manufacturer’s technical information letters, technical advisories, modifications and upgrade proposals, and similar documents, and advise plants relative to the same.
  13. Assist the General Managers in challenging the manufacturer on technical or commercial matters as necessary.
  14. Assist in the commercial and technical administration of long term service contracts.
  15. Act as a corporate liaison to the various combustion turbine users groups.
  16. Support troubleshooting and repair activities for other pant rotating equipment including pumps, fans, compressors and steam turbines.

M&A Support 

  1. For potential acquisitions, review data room documents and develop Q&A Log entries in an effort to understand the current condition and performance of the facility equipment.
  2. For market studies and financial models, prepare plant parameters input sheets including capacity, heat rate, start cost, start fuel, hourly operating costs, EFORd and VOM costs.
  3. Attend seller management presentations and site visits for potential acquisitions.  Ask questions as necessary to supplement the information available in the data room in order to understand the performance and future maintenance and capex costs of the facilities.
  4. Review available documents including equipment inspection reports, outage reports and operating reports to identify potential equipment problems. Review known equipment fleet-wide problems and determine their applicability to potential acquisitions.  Ensure financial model funds any known or potential equipment repairs identified.
  5. Evaluate and project major maintenance and capex costs through the modeling period, including the scheduling of extra-ordinary maintenance activities such a rotor repair or replacements and transitioning from a long term service contract to self-perform strategies if appropriate.
  6. Create major maintenance models for financial model inputs.  Maintenance models should include the cost and timing of all major maintenance events for the remaining life of the plant. 
  7. Identify and evaluate facility upgrade options that will improve capacity, heat rate and/or operability.
  8. Assist in evaluating potential expansion opportunities.
  9. Document diligence findings and evaluations by writing applicable sections of the diligence memo.

Project Development 

  1. Assist in all phases of the project development as needed, which may include development of certain sections of plans and specifications, bid review, equipment selection and contract negotiation.
Required Job-Related Qualifications: 
  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. (Required)
  2. Minimum of 10 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of combustion turbines. (Required)
  3. Strong working understanding of SuperAlloy material repair methods and processes, thermal barrier coatings and oxidation resistive coating as used in the industrial combustion turbine industry. (is a plus)
  4. Proficiency in OSI PI Historian tools. (is a plus)