Director of Microfluidics & Thermodynamics Engineering

Location: Elmsford, NY
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $1.00 - $1.00
Degree: Master of Science;
Date: 3/5/2018
Job ID: 02576906
Job Description
Director of Engineering

The Director will plan and direct all aspects of Fluidics and Thermal Engineering activities within the Mechanical, Test and Fluidics Engineering department. Manages the cross site Fluidics and Thermal engineering team consisting of approximately 20-30 professionals. The products are very complex systems; large instruments with precise components. The Fluidics team is working on new and innovative ways to move fluids, at different speeds and temperatures, and varying size of transport. The Thermal team is working with also various elements of the instrument, convection, conduction, heat transfer. They are focused on maintaining precise temperatures (test tubes, chemical reactions, temperature controlled storage units, the instrument itself running high speed, etc). The teams have tenured technical staff that consist of very bright, innovative engineers. The focus is to continue to enhance skill sets, bring out-of-the-box ideas and leadership to the group, and become a best-in-class engineering department in every fashion.
Essential Job Functions:
  • Sets and provides direction and expectation for Fluidics and Thermal Engineering within the global engineering department. Responsible for fluidic and thermal design, deliverables for all development projects.
  • Ensures all engineering projects, initiatives, and processes are in conformance with organization's established policies and objectives.
  • Ensures compliance to all verification and testing procedures and policies of product development applicable to the product development scope.
  • Responsible for resourcing, planning and execution of all Fluidics and Thermal engineering activities and for quality of deliverables.
  • Successfully defines work flows, jobs, and reporting relationships to obtain optimum effectiveness of the Fluidics Engineering group.
  • Ensuring resources are available for all Fluidics and Thermal Engineering activities.
  • Responsible for continually optimizing reusable design solutions and for maintaining them in high level of integration readiness.
  • Drive complete and full integration of Fluidics and Thermal Engineering across sites; this includes not only procedural harmonization but best practice, tool usage, resource sharing, and actual daily practice. Lead continuous improvement efforts.
  • Provide Technical Leadership within the discipline of Fluidics and Thermal Engineering.
  • Develops and enhances Fluidics and Thermal Engineering best practices for development of complex sub-systems.
  • Manage cost center spending, budgets and interface with R&D project leadership for resource demands, schedule, metrics, etc.
  • Works closely with the Heads of Sub-System Development and fluidic related sub-systems, Electrical Systems, Controls and Firmware, Advanced Technology Development and SW Applications Engineering to monitor and align any unresolved resource bottlenecks as priorities and projects timelines change.
  • Develop the organization to obtain state of the art fluidics/thermal engineering.
  • Hold direct responsibility for the quality delivered to Platform Integration Teams.
  • Responsible for engineering proficiency improvement in using advanced tools and methods for simulation based and model based development of solutions.
Technical Competencies
  • Bachelor's Degree required (Mechanical Engineering or similar),  Advanced Degree preferred, not required.
  • Leadership experience at a Director or Senior Management level required. Role leads 20-30 people (directly/indirectly), ideally would like someone with experience managing at least 2 layers (Managers, Engineers) and teams of 15+.
  • Must have previous experience with complex design, development, testing and modifications of solutions. Medical Instrument/Device experience not required. Will consider other similar complex, regulated industry and product experience.
  • Leads explanations and clarifies information to enable proper interpretation and evaluation of the most complex specifications, performance characteristics or other technical data.
  • Leads and designs communication of the most complex technical and commercial issues.
  • Designs recommendations for the most complex new designs, new processes, or design changes to meet requirements.
  • Leads project planning and customer/marketing support for major engineering areas.