Principal Engineer-Technology Development

Location: Highland, IL
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $1.00 - $1.00
Degree: Master of Science;
Date: 11/15/2017
Job ID: 02519860
Job Description

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the functional empirical analysis and design as related to developing and implementing software operating systems for the company's products. This may include, but is not limited to, operating software and diagnostic software. Involved in the development of testing strategies and software reliability studies for both devices and systems, and standards for software documentation

REPORTS TO: Software Engineering Manager or Electrical Engineering Systems Design Manager

*Has good communicative capabilities to supply technical advice and information to others
*Create, modify, direct, and maintain software for new and revised products
*Supervise other software engineers and technicians assigned to a particular job or project
*Assist in developing and tracking schedules for software development or revision
*Assists in the development of programming standards and practices
*Identifies, develops justifications for, and uses software development tools such as assemblers, compilers, emulators, etc.
*Works with Design Engineer and/or Project Leader during the development of a new or revised design
*Assists in the development of the definition of the software requirements, objectives, and modules for a new or revised design
*Performs or assists others in software testing, or establishing software testing requirements
*Programs in Assembly 80196, 68000, 6800, 8051 series microprocessors, C, C++ or other high level languages
*Works with customers, users, and others to develop software operating requirements or to troubleshoot/debug existing problems. This includes travel when required
*Assists in the training of the software operation of new or revised designs
*Assist Technical Writer in writing manuals and other publications as they relate to software
*Develops and/or directs device communications standards, software programs, and hardware requirements (e.g. RS232, RS485, LAN, USB, etc.)
*Estimates Engineering effort and material required on jobs or proposals being quoted
*Performs other duties as assigned

*MSEE plus 10 years software design experience required
*Must have experience in power systems control, protection and communications

*Ability to speak and write in clear understandable manner
*Ability to concentrate for extended periods of time
*Ability to exchange and furnish information requiring detailed explanation and discussions with customers and various levels of personnel
*Operate computer keyboard
*Travel as required for training, support of project tasks, product issues, or other design or job related needs.